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i love everything everyone started because they were stuck at home. every half-cocked podcast, every forgettable 0.5-part youtube series, every github repo that's just a README. it's all great, you're doing great.

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bored WFH? close one (1) door in your house each morning, and watch your cats melt down in the brave new world you've constructed. rotate which door each day, they have lil tennis ball brains so as long as your house has 2 doors they'll be surprised every time.

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- philly pittsburgh
people people
loving when people confuse
philly and pittsburgh

john (jean john)
jacob (jean jacob)
jingleheimer (jean jingleheimer)
jchmidt (jean schmidt)
his name is my name too

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@ryan they retired honourably to their identical mcmansions to work on their abs, and i respect that

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anyway did you know there's a discourse tag on instagram where you too can see exactly what hell looks like

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i sent a friend some good for their birthday that i also want internet points for so

us politics 

amazon's pr dept hollering at biden about the tax code being a joke rules. since trump already hates them, looking forward to "fuck amazon" being a plank for both parties. lacking any other motive to fix tax law, spite will do fine.

The Lacrimosa Drive from the new season of Friends at the Table reminds me so much of the "Arrival of SkullGreymon" episode of Digimon Adventure. in the 21 intervening years, my love for mopey battle critters has not dimmed a watt 💀🦖🤖👊♥️

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A musical romp through the magical land of Oz

In which the workers rise up against the upper class

To unionize and form

(In Technicolor)

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johnny cash offering you his hoard of citrus flavored soda 

"and you could have it all, my empire of squirt"

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Just a reminder that in addition to Goth Day it is also Sun Ra's birthday, and KFJC is doing their annual Night and Day of the Sun - 24(+) hours of Sun Ra marathon.

Stream or download

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Since English puts the plural on the noun and not the adjective, and the "pro" / "mini" in "iPad pro" or "iPad mini" are adjectives, I posit that the correct plural for "iPad pro" is "iPads pro" and likewise for "iPads mini"

In fact I go further and say all such named devices follow this rule, like "One Laptops Per Child"

"Bill Clinton and James Patterson Are Writing a Second Book Together" is an amazing title, start to finish:

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