I don't know what "praxis" means, but spamming Amazon's cool union busting website is praxis:

i know it's not doing "real" numbers, but this is my first post on mastodon to hit the sex number. nice!

@zatnosk @ryan

You can plug in a non-existent email address, too. I know because I just did it. :D

@xenophora @ryan nonexistent?! Nooo, is definitely my serious and personal email address :P [irony]

@ryan I think the "We've got you covered*" asterisk says it all.

@ryan Btw, it does not verify that you enter a real email address so...

@nebula oh nooooo how tragic. i sure hope they are able to contact me when they have followup questions to my serious report of people doing unionz!

@ryan “hey, I heard there’s websites where people try to organize unions. Like between warehouse and IT to piss in Bezos mouth.”

@ryan Remember to make it look legit - they almost definitely have a spam filter in case idiots decide to paste the Bee Movie script in there

@ryan Update: It accepted the entirety of Moby Dick without quibble.

@Vordus it's almost like whatever pinkertons they hired to run this thing aren't pulling in the best technical talent

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