Say hello to SRTes, a little e-ink gadget for practicing Sortes Vergilianae using the movie of your choice. To help you predict the future, it displays a new, arbitrary line from a given subtitle (SRT) file every hour. sortes + SRT = SRTes.


another look, this time with just the power connected

@ryan this looks like a repurposed theater accessibility device.

@io thanks, I'm happy it doesn't look like i just slapped it together from stuff on adafruit! the lack of a backlight would make it pretty wretched in a theatre, but its cool how far you can get these days without touching a soldering iron.

@ryan oh right I forgot about the light 🙈

looks like you could stand to do some sub-"dot" hinting (idk what to call subpixel hinting since they're not pixels) there. eink is definitely my favorite display tech.
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