@ryan is that subversive propaganda by the Tau day people?

who are actually trying to sell double as much math!!

@meena i support double math, since it's necessary for bartending

@ryan Pi Day is only observed in the US, where 14 March is written as 3/14. The rest of the world writes it as 14/3. We could, of course celebrate Pi Day on 31 April, 31/4. The only problem is... April only has 30 days!

@noam or you could stop hoarding, and finally release the secret, metric-only 14th month

@noam @ryan Actually no, you're thinking of the legacy EU format.

ISO 8601/RFC3339: 2021-03-14
Japanese: 2021年03月16日
@lanodan @noam @ryan that's not a "legacy eu format". 14. 3. 2021 is very much alive and well
@piggo @ryan @noam Except that most European countries have officially adopted the ISO date format, it just takes a huge long time for the natural side of changes, think of it like an orthographic reform.

Like yeah 14/03/2021 is the usual old one in Europe but sometimes you can also see 14/III/2021 (yeah, roman numerals for the month) or even wilder things.
@lanodan @piggo @noam @ryan Wish we did adopt ISO 8601. But usually the "legacy EU format" is common around here and used pretty much everywhere.
@lanodan @noam @ryan roman is more commonly used for quartals here eg IV/2020, but it can also be a month if someone tries to be fancy
@ryan I'm not thinking European legacy, but how I write the date, and how I have since school. I would write 14/3 but never 14/03 because there's no point in writing a zero there. 😉

@noam im not sure what you are replying to, i did not say anything about "legacy" anything. there was a whole boring ISO thread but i was just dragged along in it.

@ryan Someone said 'legacy EU format'. I didn't even grow up in the EU...

@noam my internet friend, that person was not me, and I'm the only person you are @-ing now. I'm just here to make jokes about pi day, I did not dunk on anyone's date formatting conventions.

@ryan Hi Ryan, OK, this is a quirk of Friendica and or Mastodon that I'm not used to. I thought I was replying to the whole thread, but somehow it ends up @-ing you. Sorry to confuse. I'm in the joking pool too, I assure you!

@ryan Thanks for the alt desc man, that gave me a laugh.

@Superfreq i appreciate the feedback on the alt text, and I'm glad it was useful

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