On page 12 of "Goodnight Moon," there's a wall with a picture of a booted, bipedal rabbit fishing for another rabbit. I feel like this is pretty conceptually challenging material for a children's book.

@jleedev oh my goodness, there's a copy of the runaway bunny on the shelf on that same page! I am impressed by your knowledge of the deep Margaret Wise Brown lore

@ryan @jleedev Finally I can put that surreal image out of my mind. 😆

@jleedev @ryan This blew my mind a little bit when I first red Runaway Bunny with my kid. “Wait a minute, I know this…”.

There is also a Peggy Rathmann Cinematic Universe where (at least) Goodnight, Gorilla is happening in the background down the road from 10 Minutes till Bedtime and I really want to know what else is going on on that block.

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