my hottest take: if you watch the mst3k version of a bad movie, you have not seen that movie.

i am not a David "only counts on a big screen" Lynch purist, but MST3K cut stuff and add funny skits to break up the tedium, even when they aren't talking over the movie.

how dare you have a good time with a good thing and then act like you watched a bad thing. stolen b-movie valor!

@ryan while i have never thought about this, i believe you are 100% correct


*Puma Man*

Saw both versions.
It honestly adds nothing of consequence or interest to the story when you know how Tony Farms lost his parents.

@xenophora I'm not saying the cut scenes add anything, I'm saying they subtract.


Well, I generally got "C"s in Math so I'm not really making the distinction here. Another example: In *The Magic Sword* they cut a scene where the kidnapped Princess escapes just long enough to see a badly animated mask on a wall in a tacky foyer and get more upset. They subtracted nothing of importance by removing that scene from the riffed version.

@xenophora these are two examples of boring unnecessary content mst3k cut that the directors didn't. people watching the real version get a longer, worse movie.


Up next: which bad movies would benefit if you mashed them up? The most obvious pairing would be *Phase IV* with *Overdrawn At The Memory Bank*. In the future, they could turn back the invasion of killer super-intelligent ants, but no. They have to stick to their anti-anteater bigotry no matter the cost. :/ (A lesson for us all.) #mst3k

@ryan this is a good point; I always enjoy their version of Manos: The Hands of Fate, but I think if I watched that movie by itself it would be extremely depressing

@Louisa @ryan TIme to sit down with the entirety of Beast Of Yucca Flats and feel your brain desperately attempt to rationalize that decision

@douglasfur @ryan no joke, I have probably thought of "Flag on the moon. How'd it get there?" maybe once a week for 20 years

@Louisa @ryan My brother and I still have a lot of lines from Monster-A-Go-Go we break out

Dancing at the slipped disc!

Douglas was three feet tall, pear shaped, and stood the whole way

@douglasfur @ryan I also think of "it's a lava flow of savings at MENARD'S!!" often, although I've never seen a Menard's or their commercials

@Louisa @ryan Wow so if I say

"Save Big Money At Menards"

you don't know what that sounds like?


@Louisa @ryan

You'll save big money!
You'll save big money!
When you're At Menards!

@ryan the movies are usually edited for time and sometimes for content so yeah, you're literally not seeing the movie

@ryan hard agree, if you're watching MST3K, you are not watching it for the movies

@ryan i fully embrace this; i love mst3k and i hate movies

@ryan one of my favorite things is in the movie Sampo, where they talk over the description of what the Sampo is and does, and then spend a lot of time riffing about what in the living hell a Sampo could possibly be

@ryan is there a good resource that describes how much they cut a particular film, or are you in position to produce this

@ryan in "Manos: The Hands of Fate", the majority of times they say "Manos: The Hands of Fate" they are talking over complete silence, so

@ryan counterpoint: having watched the mst3k version of a movie, I have a very good idea about why I wouldn't want to watch it For Real

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