when I buy internet stuff from like an Australian punk band making shirts in their garage: 1 email confirming order with tracking number, then shirt. end of transaction

when I buy a sweater organizer from a regular store with a website: 7 emails before the tracking code email, 6 shipping update emails, box arrives, 4 emails begging me to fill out surveys, somehow a thousand marketing emails even though I unchecked everything

Sweet, Sweet (Or Not) Job Memories. 


This makes me think of my shitty temp job in the warehouse full of flimsy, ugly, overpriced women's sportswear meant only for 6' tall walking sticks. 1 day I found a couple of still-wrapped shirts which someone had accidentally heaved into a discard bin & I pulled them out. Gave 'em back to my boss & quipped, "Can I have one of these for my Mom since nobody wanted them anyway?" A-hole glared at me & never said "Thanks." Fuck the garment industry.


people who hate commerce are the only people who should do commerce

people who hate power are the only people who should have power

@ryan I think the biggest problem in big companies on the internet is they can't see clearly that they are not the only company you deal with. They don't quite grasp that 5 emails from them are part of 50 or more emails a week. The consulting company in my field that invites me to a conference with a cold email doesn't realize I see 5 different invites a day, and they're all just noise.

@CarlCravens @ryan I used to work in email marketing and many places take the "maybe we just need to yell louder?" approach because they know how overstuffed peoples inboxes are.

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