i figured out the right weird b shape to make an assembly line in factorio loop on itself in a way that fills up both lanes. i have no idea why i spent an hour doing it but uh now i have what, a lane balancer? 😈

it's best to load
and unload the lanes evenly, rather than use a lane balancer 😉

@purple it sounds like i took less than 24 hours to disprove your theory that there's no wrong way to play factorio :P oh no i assure you, there's no wrong way to play the game. YOU HAD FUN FIGURING IT OUT, YEAH? i say this because there are PLENTY of times where a lane balancer is the "best" solution. but really we all know in those situations we should just unload directly to/from the wagon in to the assemblers 🤣

@purple @ryan need to build a uranium mine, your proposal better budget an entire locomotive and fluid wagon to live there permanently

@ryan @purple you either aim to produce screenshots for r/factorio or r/Factoriohno there is no middle ground

@ryan i would simply build as many mining drills on the left as right

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