i just got an email from an email address where the user is my inlaw's phone number, and the to: is a mix of email and possibly sms email gateways for other peoples phones. theres no message or subject, just a . txt attachment.
easily the most cursed thing to ever touch my inbox, no contest.

i assume this is an attack by nation state actors because only a government employee could have misconfigured their blackberry this hard

@ryan I've seen this before, but only with like the weirdest people. I assume they're trying to text my email?

@ryan The frightening part is it was actually legitimate.

He KNEW my email address and also my phone number!

I have no idea how he set up his system to do that but yeah... computer hell.

@ryan I used to get a bunch of these from some misconfiguration in the bowels of AT&T’s SMS system. It just for whatever reason or bug deciding it couldn’t figure out how to send a text to my phone that day and rerouting to a .txt attachment in an email instead.

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