highly recommend "A Frog he would A-wooing go" as a nursery rhymes. Take whatever verses you feel like memorizing from , for an example of a way to sing it check out . There are of 1800s phrases to keep your tired brain awake, and its super long and meandering so the kid gets less bored. The frog remembering to take his opera hat with him when he flees the violence is my favorite bit.

"A Frog He Would A-wooing Go" is a murder ballad

@ryan this is to froggy went a courtin as Futureshop is to Best Buy

@ryan I've played a version of this at a show before & it's very fun! the gammon & spinach are new to me though

this was one of the main versions I went off of:

@RussSharek help, i fell desperately in love with the singer when he says "revolver" instead of "pistol"

@ryan Okay, this is super weird. My brother had this children's album - Children's Favourites (1966) - that had Jon Pertwee (yeah, the Third Doctor Who) singing a whole bunch of these songs. Now, I remember him singing the whole Gammon & Spinach version, but finding a rip of it on Youtube, it's a straight lift of Pete Seeger's "sword and pistol" lyrics, dammit.

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