i think the "talking about morbius way after sony's made the bulk of the money they are making from it" meme is funny and nice. post morbs

it reminds me of the trend to call baby yoda "baby yoda" instead of his copyright (which i'm never learning). have fun out there dodging and weaving around the megacorps, everybody

morbius update: they are on to us! Sony has shoved it back into theaters to try to extract $$$ from this meme

@ryan that modest mouse song, talkin' shit about a living vampire

@sexybenfranklin this reminds me of that famous story of hubris: Icarus. it all started when the famous blood scientist, Dr. Icarus morbius caught a fatal disease...

@ryan damn I could have charged $50k as a meme consultant to tell the out of touch sony execs that everyone just thinks the word morbius is funny and nobody wants to see the movie

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