made a dutch baby today, but i goofed it up so it's more of a flutch flaby. still yummy!

i'm learning my littlest sister is aggro at chess. how aggro, you ask? the third move of our last game:


we made creme brulee tonight! the torch is basically a lightsaber, how am i supposed to stop playing with this smol lightsaber?

uncanny valley simulation of human faces 

maybe thispersondoesnotexist isn't messing up, maybe the GAN is right that there are aliens standing next to us all the time

repairing some aging headphones, really pleased with the result


overnight yeasted waffles with fresh whipped cream and duck bacon

Cherb has been frozen like this for 10 minutes. He's trying to teleport through a window to attack a bird. He's so focused I'm worried he's going to succeed.

I repeat: any Michael Moorcock novel looks better with any Remedios Varo painting on the cover.

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theory: every Michael Moorcock novel would be improved by a Remedios Varo cover, and it doesn't matter which Varo work you pick for the cover

The team that made Beak, Feather, & Bone is making 6 little, weird, beautiful TTRPGs you get once a month digitally, and then altogether as a boxed set:

food, meat 

A friend started a new specialty food company this year, and I recently ordered some of their duck and pork prosciutto. They taste incredible! If you live near PA, you should check it out: . My favorite one is the "gintonic" duck prosciutto in the middle, the juniper is wild.

i feel compelled in Factorio to build these enormous Thing Highways


Me: [chanting] fantasy heist, fantasy heist-

Other patrons: fantasy heist, FANTASY HEIST

Librarian: [pounding her clipboard] FANTASY HEIST, FANTASY HEIST, FANTASY HEIST!

I think Losharik is a great name for a secret submarine, because the Russian children's show it was named after looks scary as hell. if I was a boat and saw this thing stop-motioning towards me, I'd sink myself.

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