At the Hill of Tara, there's a weird long furrow in the ground with this empty sign holder. The sign used to call it the "Banquet Hall," but there's some recent controversy that maybe people have been calling it the wrong thing[1]. But, they don't know what it's really called, so there's no new sign. To borrow a popular phrase from my workplace:

The old sign is deprecated, and the new sign isn't ready yet.

1. see for the fascinating deets

i defy you to find a weirder gargoyle than this one i found in Dublin

you vs the horse statue they tell you not to worry about

every statue in ireland is of james joyce, no exceptions

i still have one android device old enough to run Interstellar Selfie Station. now i must keep this crappy old phone alive forever.

serious eats is my favorite recipe site. it's always like "what if cooking, but too much?"

just to nerd on this diagonal thing more, treating the hypotenuse of a right triangle as having a 1:1 ratio with the sides is 40% wrong. but if you need whole numbers (like for a pico 128x128 screen), 3:2 is only 5% off, much less noticeable. 7:5 is only 1% but moving 5 px at a time on a tiny screen is too jarring

Cherubino has some serious "elf on a shelf" vibes today

actually looking up how to warm up sake. i may not be the coolest

how is the "stay on land" logic for the birds going, you ask?

finally sorted out how parallax is supposed to work, got some fluffy bois slowly drifting under my birds now

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