did they lose some kind of bet in season 4 of gilmore girls? why does everyone suddenly grow a gross substitute math prof stache?

food, meat 

made gochujang chicken (bonappetit.com/recipe/slow-roa) last night. it really comes out of the oven beautiful, before I totally make a hash of carving it up.

I tried to draw the Yips from memory and ended up with something a lot more Toe Jam and Earl.

when it comes to cinematic inspirations for my Apocalypse Dad look, I'm taking more cues from Wall-E than Mad Max

With some recent... err... *updates* to my sleep schedule, I've been able to capture rare, time-sensitive collectible Cherbs I usually miss. According to the trading card text, this one is called KolCherb: The Night Stalker

I have never been so specifically called out in agitprop before

using some thread to "train" an unruly pepper plant after i saw it on "The Victorian Kitchen Garden." sitting by my mailbox waiting for my "ruler of cottagecore" crown to arrive

cherb, calculating if he can teleport up to the window and go on An Adventure

i sort of got using the raspberry pi as a webcam working. the telephoto zoom lens is much nicer than the digital zoom on my webcam. the beer on the tripod was to help me focus the lens. also for beer. also it's my friend now.

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