just to nerd on this diagonal thing more, treating the hypotenuse of a right triangle as having a 1:1 ratio with the sides is 40% wrong. but if you need whole numbers (like for a pico 128x128 screen), 3:2 is only 5% off, much less noticeable. 7:5 is only 1% but moving 5 px at a time on a tiny screen is too jarring

Cherubino has some serious "elf on a shelf" vibes today

actually looking up how to warm up sake. i may not be the coolest

how is the "stay on land" logic for the birds going, you ask?

finally sorted out how parallax is supposed to work, got some fluffy bois slowly drifting under my birds now

see, like this is what i'm talking about. this is what happens when i try to draw clouds--computers are bad.

but don't worry, I'm still a trash gremlin--there are only 8 possible angles in my crummy code

I had to convert from talking about direction as x/y to actually using angles, but now the flock isn't allergic to the cardinal directions.

there's a bug in my alignment calculation that makes the little birds always flock diagonally

working on another flocking behavior (seperation), and I've accidentally turned the birds into ninja stars

nemesisters was a twinelike so i just made a website like i already knew how to do. i'm making a graphical game this time, so i have no idea what to do--i'm excited to start fumbling around!

except for the part where he thinks previous eras were not garbage, saaaame

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