I have never been so specifically called out in agitprop before

using some thread to "train" an unruly pepper plant after i saw it on "The Victorian Kitchen Garden." sitting by my mailbox waiting for my "ruler of cottagecore" crown to arrive

cherb, calculating if he can teleport up to the window and go on An Adventure

i sort of got using the raspberry pi as a webcam working. the telephoto zoom lens is much nicer than the digital zoom on my webcam. the beer on the tripod was to help me focus the lens. also for beer. also it's my friend now.

looking through some paperwork from the hospital where i was born when suddenly

I watched "Turkish Star Wars" (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/D%C3%BCn) a few days ago and my head is still all jumbled. I'm pretty sure it's perfect?

hire me to sing Emily Dickinson poems to the tune of the Pokemon theme song at your events. it's equally appropriate for children's birthdays and parent's funerals, which is to say not very.

my mood may be RANCID, but my dog-walking style is CORRECT

this screenshot from Repo! The Genetic Opera (2008) both perfectly sums it up, and is a lossless substitute for the entire film.

cherb rotates like a rotisserie chicken as he naps, to expose his warmer bits to the AC

We're doing an online class on newborn care, and I've has moved up to Advanced, Uncooperative Swaddling

I thought Ron Perlman was doing a weird, gravely voice in Francis Ford Coppola's Bram Stoker's Dracula. The reality was so much better and weirder: it's Tom Waits!

what's up with the heart monitor in Beyond the Darkness (1979)? is it a point instead of the familiar spiky curve because oh how the camera captured it, or where hear monitors in the late 70s just super hard to read?

I finally noticed that you can hover over the "😂" on the mastodon "new post" UI to insert emoji. I guess I thought Eugen had put it there to pre-appreciate all my good posts?

the way the cats looked up when i noticed them gathered in the corner of my office makes me think they were talking about me. rude!

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