Hidden Harbor (a local tiki bar) is selling tiki mocktails, which you can have delivered and then mix with rum yourself. I have availed myself of this vital service.

i sent a friend some good for their birthday that i also want internet points for so

for bbc's "last normal photo" thing (, here's a photo i took in an office of some rain covers across the street that looked like obelisks

i wish for charts in the news to stop going up and to the right and another finger on the monkey's paw cracks

when someone tries to tell you a state called "Vermont" exists

enjoying myself in the Great Outdoors. what's that over there? a bird? a tree?

got some eggs, converted some of them into happiness

Starbuck wanted to sleep, but also to keep an eye on my foolishness.


my state gov't suggested everyone wear masks when you leave the house. i tried it out on my walk and felt like a regular King Dipshit

spotted on my dog walk, someone in my neighborhood is very sweet

i am making a sitcom about two bees who have gotten stuck in my house
B-Boys: The Terrible Secret of Glass

one of you goofballs went back in time to make this as a bit, right?

it was at Kennywood in 2017 that first met him: Mr. America Legs

i was brushing my teeth and looked over and my cat was just in the tub?

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