some ne'er-do-well has killer summer and birthed fall, here in the seaside strongfast of the bright season

there was a wild red sun this morning. i fully expected the bokoblins to respawn


orecchiette with sausage and broccoli rabe. pretty easy to make (once you gruffle up the esoteric pasta), looks fancy, and is maybe the tastiest thing i've eaten this year

I am really into the hyperreal colors in Deep Red (1975)

my friend Aaron is working on a real-time rougelike using asyncio:

it's a really cool idea, and the imperfections add a lot of strange beauty to a style of game I usually think looks pretty bland

Legend (1985) is a movie starring a young Tom Cruise's teeth. Tim Curry is allegedly also in the picture, but I saw no evidence of that.

hey can someone check on if is doing okay?

two photos taken a day apart of some packaging I left on the ground

Gloria Stuart is incredible in The Invisible Man (1933). Everyone else is acting in one movie, but she's acting the correct amount for 10 movies.

Ghost Dog: Way of the Samurai is the greatest movie ever made

this loud kids toy makes noises when you hit the buttons, but it also makes a final noise if you don't hit any buttons for 45 seconds or so, to lure you back. some nameless "growth hacker" made a killer slideshow about how this juiced their "daily active minutes" metrics

i have not been yet, but my theory is this old gas station has the best pierogis in pittsburgh. it's just common sense--the worse the building looks, the nicer the pierogis. a gross church basement is really the ideal venue, but the famous local one, no joke, is shortstaffed right now so supplies are limited.

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