spotted on my dog walk, someone in my neighborhood is very sweet

i am making a sitcom about two bees who have gotten stuck in my house
B-Boys: The Terrible Secret of Glass

one of you goofballs went back in time to make this as a bit, right?

it was at Kennywood in 2017 that first met him: Mr. America Legs

i was brushing my teeth and looked over and my cat was just in the tub?

sometimes i stress about computers being bad, but i found a word art generator tonight and sometimes they are the fun kind of bad

got this idea from a coworker, and highly recommend using cs textbooks as a monitor stand. there's something sweet about tech workers surrounding ourselves with our holy relics in these troubled times.

me, looking like King Dipshit in a big, star-trek-ass meeting room chair at work

on a hike a few weeks ago, i found a baby christmas tree

food pic 

The crocuses in my yard all picked slightly different times to bloom. This one picked the right time, no competition for those good spring rays and no frost to merc it. Good job, lil crocus!

not sure why my cats both require electricity to live but

i hear we're posting birds, so here's a picture of me being cyberbullied by a member of the species

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