someone on tenor uploaded an animated version of that sicko laughing in the window image from that chix track, beautiful:

as soon as i got to their house, my family wanted me to leave my breakfast muffin behind and go with them to rescue a snapping turtle up the road. here's me drinking iced coffee in a Kate Bush tshirt, ignoring turtle peril, the most like a Schitt's Creek character i've ever been.

the lads trying to be first in my mentions to tell me 34 lbs is not very heavy

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the parts for my passive watering system got here today. here's hoping those coated strings draw up enough water, and not too much water.

the water storage is a couple big cheap folding jugs, so i can tell through the window what the water level is, and so I won't be out $$$ on nicer glassware if this whole thing just doesn't work.

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took a photo of the lunar eclipse. astrophotography is my passion

The paint on the house peels off and gets lead in the soil, and the dog poops everywhere. To give the kid a safer place to play, I fenced off a corner of the yard. As a bonus, fewer wild animals that wander into my yard will require burial. I call it the Mr Grumbles Memorial Groundhog Sanctuary and Boyborium

look at these green lil guys i found next to my trash can. they are enjoying the cool spring weather in the shade on the side of the house, and just generally doing their best.


i watched a video about how to make nice hoagies and then went wild and made this hoagie. it was great, a+ would spend 30 minutes making a single sandwich again.

ever since he put "growth hacker" in his bio, he's gotten really intense about "conversion funnels" and other classic cat stuff

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what in the Trump White House Christmas Decor is happening at the new Phillips office in Pittsburgh?
i wander back after two years and some kind of Public Art Forest has sprung up.

just noticed this used children's book is old enough that Clement Hurd is still holding a cigarette on the back.
i talked about this being photoshopped out when i wrote about Goodnight Moon and the esoteric (, but just had secondhand accounts to go on.

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