POV: you are my cat and you can just tell from the way I climbed down the stairs that I'm going to try to pick you up

The Oracle at Zero Dark Thirty brightening up my boring afternoon of meetings with a little joke.

the best part of Shark Exorcist is the show within the show about a paranormal researcher who keeps talking to the real camera instead of the in-universe camera behind her. not as like a 4th wall thing, I think everyone just got confused about which camera was a prop


made my first batch of lacto-fermented hot sauce. it was super easy going, and the test batch with rando hot peppers from the store tastes great.

once i've used this up, i'm making a batch with serano and carolina reaper peppers i grew myself, it's going to melt my socks off!

the Oracle at Zero Dark Thirty is fiesty this morning

in The Wild World of Bat Woman (1966), Bat Woman always has her cape/shawl drooped over only one shoulder. this is powerful Anime Villain Energy, and i must make it mine

some ne'er-do-well has killer summer and birthed fall, here in the seaside strongfast of the bright season

there was a wild red sun this morning. i fully expected the bokoblins to respawn


orecchiette with sausage and broccoli rabe. pretty easy to make (once you gruffle up the esoteric pasta), looks fancy, and is maybe the tastiest thing i've eaten this year

I am really into the hyperreal colors in Deep Red (1975)

my friend Aaron is working on a real-time rougelike using asyncio: github.com/aaevan/asyncio_text

it's a really cool idea, and the imperfections add a lot of strange beauty to a style of game I usually think looks pretty bland

Legend (1985) is a movie starring a young Tom Cruise's teeth. Tim Curry is allegedly also in the picture, but I saw no evidence of that.

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