feeling a way about edison's light bulb company shutting down after 120 years. these brands, we can outlive all of them.

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Tabnkies have once again convinced my wife to use.tbe violence of yhe state (divorce cpurt) against me

it's one of those days where everyone has the write an article about how you can't magically wish a platform into being a publisher and i am pre-tired.

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@ryan I think you can drop the extra whitespace by now, no one uses IE6 anymore. :blobsmile:

i'm "close my self-closing tags <br />" years old

i've used the phrase "semantic satiation" so much that it doesn't mean anything anymore

@a_lizard i saw this right before work started and spent 8 hours worrying about a lizard with a knife

@velexiraptor Lamentations of the Flame Princess made summoning so tedious (3+ steps with separate tables, 10 minute process the rest of the party has nothing to do during) and dangerous (I vaguely remember making the atmosphere water on e) that it made something overflow in my brain and wrap back around to fun.

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me, im pretty polite so if i was imprisoned in the cave of human perception i would simply stay in it because its nice to be in a cave sometimes


if you live in Pittsburgh and like tiki (with or without the alcohol) check it out: ibctakeout.square.site/s/order

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Hidden Harbor (a local tiki bar) is selling tiki mocktails, which you can have delivered and then mix with rum yourself. I have availed myself of this vital service.

according to my inbox, the only one still celebrating Pride this year is TomboyX. TomboyX: we make good underpants, but we cannot read the room

the store's domain, paypal account name, and contact email are all very different, so you could say I'm an extremely saavy shopper who makes good decisions

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the "crossing" in Animal Crossing refers to the game's central mechanic, betrayal

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Remember the phrase "feel old yet?"

That phrase retired twelve years ago and has been replaced.

So, chumbo, does that make you have the oldems?

we stan a king king (we're monarchists)

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*places 64 oz coffee mug on your desk*



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