was just showing my friend around on mastodon, and the biggest takeaway was you all have incredible domain names and are perfect just the way you are.

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i don’t know who needs to hear this but the eagle has landed. initiate protocol alpha

i was reminded i had this instance by one billion emails ask me to verify trends. I will never! i have never! verified anything!

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You all think you’re excited for next year’s Scooby Doo movie until you realize a.) it is called SCOOB!, b.) it is the launch of a Hanna-Barbera Cinematic Universe, and c.) captain caveman and dyno-mutt are in it for some reason

At the Hill of Tara, there's a weird long furrow in the ground with this empty sign holder. The sign used to call it the "Banquet Hall," but there's some recent controversy that maybe people have been calling it the wrong thing[1]. But, they don't know what it's really called, so there's no new sign. To borrow a popular phrase from my workplace:

The old sign is deprecated, and the new sign isn't ready yet.

1. see jstor.org/stable/41417578 for the fascinating deets

I am 12 pages into "The Traitor Baru Cormorant" and have already gotten a little High Fantasy. I just shouted down the stairs at Emily (on the topic of her alleged nap):
"Fine, Sleepliar! Keep your own counsel, then!"

Season 2 of Hannibal proves that Doyle's "concierge of crime" is still the cutting edge in villain archetypes.

if Gene Wolfe was in charge of naming movie theatre areas, it'd be called the Stand of the Consessor

unspeakably delighted to see Tim Curry's name unexpectedly in the opening credits for Clue (1985)

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article[data-id$="1"] .account__avatar, article[data-id$="3"] .account__avatar, article[data-id$="5"] .account__avatar, article[data-id$="7"] .account__avatar, article[data-id$="9"] .account__avatar {
transform: scaleX(-1);

gives all posts an effectively random 50% chance to have the avatar flipped

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more like "entitled goose" i don't know what we're talking about

p-hacking is still technically hacking, and therefore rad

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:blobcattilt:​ i don't understand my past self
:blobcatfingerguns:​ i'm not backwards compatible

it's almost pumpkin circumstance again

when I closed the door and the cat didn't immediately throw himself against it, I feared my little weirdo had grown out of hanging out in the bathroom with me. then I turned around and found that he had slept all night in there just to get the drop on me.

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