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Fun fact:
ABBA is the first half of the level skip code in Disney's Aladdin on the Mega Drive.

Also the second half.

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food marketing 

The otherwise dormant Popeyes app has sent me about a dozen increasingly anxious notifications in the last month about the fact that I haven't ordered anything with Megan Thee Stallion's Hottie Sauce on it

every monday can be cyber monday, if you are sweaty enough about your posting

@CarlCravens it's weird i tried that and it just said
"i tired of you small humans with your tiny problems.

i refuse to understand your suggestion that my pumpkin avi is out of season. the sun was given up for the year and so have i

i wander the search result halls pleading
"christmas gift for wife?"

oprah, country living, cool ratings site dot com, all ignore me

i frantically click further, page 5, page 8

my screams fall on deaf ears, no one will help me with my important shopping decisions

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There's a throwaway joke in Matilda where Danny Devito calls the undercover cops "bodybuilder surfer dudes" and it's literally Peewee Herman lmao

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i would simply take the program and determine if it would halt on a given input. seems easy

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Admins are asleep. I hope they dream about lovely things~

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Trying to watch Battlestar Galactica but really stuck on the decisions made regarding the Centurion walk-cycle

what's the deal with airline food? I'm petsitting Delta while it's owners are out of town, and I have NO IDEA what to feed it.

at the cemetery, socializing with my neighbors:
"sick cask' dude, really choice"
"casking hard or hardly casking, am i right?"
"im dead so ill never get to see my wife again. heh heh 'my wife' borat!"

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i think that ghouls are real and i don't believe in taxes

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A firefighter is someone who gets into firefights

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Interesting if true about the securicams automatically reading QRcodes.

@piggo i've only written a little forth, but this sure does look extra cursed, so good job!

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