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Hey! We're running a game jam on Itch that focuses on making an audio game. Audio games are games that are played completely by ear and don't have eyes as a minimum requirement! I'd absolutely love for you to join and give it a try!
And if you know someone that might find this interesting, maybe tell them? <3
We start on April 9th, and submissions close on April 26th.
More info here:

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@ryan (On that bit about chess piece colors, now I’m laughing about needing chess pieces to support the full scale like Medium Skin Tone:

Black and white is just too few options for pieces. We should get more expressive with it.)

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ohhhh phoenix down is like, the feathers from a phoenix. for like 25 years i thought it just like, meantl like some poorly translated phrase that only made sense in japanese so i considered it nonsense basically

it's weird that there's only one chess piece in gboard when i search for "chess," the rest of them are lurking in pretty early unicode ♕♖♗♘♙

alcohol seems like it's going to be delicious somehow,
and then the absinthe hits
but that wasn't the absinthe, that was just a prelude

i'm learning my littlest sister is aggro at chess. how aggro, you ask? the third move of our last game:

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It's been really wild to revisit PSX games on an actual CRT for the first time in decades, because modern pixel perfect screenshots have supplanted that in my head. But they really did just look better at the time! Prerendered backgrounds were meant to be filtered by the display!

Show thread is a trip--the etymology section might as well be the shrug emoji. Dingus Day is like the shark of holidays, prehistoric but missed the "dinosaurs die out" memo.

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This is muppets canon:

Beakie is a bird-like monster with rainbow-colored hair, yellow eyes, and a large, spiky beak. She made her first appearance on The Muppet Show in episode 307, where she performed "You and Me" as a romantic duet with the song's co-writer and original performer, Alice Cooper.

At the conclusion of the number, it was revealed that Beakie was merely the form into which Miss Piggy had been transfigured when she sold her soul to the Devil.

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so now that APIs aren't copyrightable, how can we legally define Mickey Mouse as an API

i sent my family a picture of me grinning wildly while using the food torch, and they said i looked "terrifying." rookie mistake, to insult the person holding the tiny lightsaber

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‘Do what thou wilt, that is the whole of the law’, wrote Crowley. Which ironically makes his tradition of Satanism a Code Napoleon-style civil statute system, rather than one based on evolving common law and precedent

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nerd rage old and busted: confuse Star Trek and Star Wars: "Wasn't that when Han Solo shot that Ferengi in the cantina?"

nerd rage new hotness: confuse Star Trek and Star Link: "Let's go watch some of those Borg satellites tonight"

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this must be the worst dating site I've ever used, I've been here for months and haven't got a single match.


we made creme brulee tonight! the torch is basically a lightsaber, how am i supposed to stop playing with this smol lightsaber?

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me, pagliacci, becoming a renowned clown: this slaps. This whips ass

me, when i get sad and my doctor says to go see pagliacci to cheer up: what. no. this sucks dude

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Judge: do you have any reason to have voted 11 times in this election?
Me: I like the stickers

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