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it has been a day and the group text moved on and grandpa is just Not Telling Us About the Gravy Lump

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if i don't look up "wordle" it can't kidnap my family and force me to post square emojis on social media

Berserker by Fred Saberhagan is about humans fighting alien homicidal machines in space. it's old as shit but shockingly bleak and modern seeming. USSR era central planning computers would be sufficient to fuck us up completely, and Fred not being able to imagine smarter machines make it somehow worse

i have ordered a Baby's First Miniature Painting Kitn and am going to finally paint all the forlorn grey plastic lurking on my game shelf

leonard cohen isnt real and cant hurt you

I've found a good little circle of people who laugh at my weird jokes on this webbed site and it feels good

do not send your grandchildren Mystery Lump photos, of any varietal

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my grandparent sent me a photo of his dinner and all i feel is
what's! under! that! gravy!

seriou seats: what if avocado toast took 200 hours
nytimes cooking: what if avocado toast cost $200

im not 100%, but i think the whole deal wirh columbo is that people underestimate him because he"s italian

today the speakers in one of my monitors in my rube goldberg wfh desk setup suddenly started working. I don't know why, but hell yes I can listen to music without headphones now

big Fs in the chat to all the otherwise reasonable humans forced at gunpoint to perform their worst Eddie Murphy impressions on film

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i was having a fun time with Shrek Retold and then some 4chan nonsense person showed up. huge bummer

maps is convinced i entered the wrong Work location because i havent been inside it in 2 years
who wants to tell it?

like everyone else, i'm on mastodon because of how much i think private companies are epic bacon. the problem with twitter is it's just one corporation, obvious a squabbling, worldwide federation of LLCs would run a far more roflcopter social network

watching a soothing DIY channel explain how to convert usb mini-b to type c, nodding along like i'm ever, ever doing that

it snowed for a few seconds today, so I'm all wintered up for the year. good job winter, bring on the spring now.

i'm just going to firmly camp out in 80s horror and feel my huge wild feeling and there's no law that says i have to be cool about any of this

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