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My copy of Kindle Previewer 3 silently fails to notice and display publisher fonts, a friend with the same OS etc sees them fine. I am spinning up a VM now to try yo figure out if its some extra undocumented thing I haven't done or some extra cursed thing I have done.

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Nursery song I'm trying to learn today: Haunted House.
Rad busted old folk recording and lyrics:
Recording with music and stuff:

i love that every thread online asking for help making embedded fonts work with kindle previewer gets immediately derailed with "why are you doing that?"

thanks for scaring away everyone with a question about this before anyone could accidentally help. you brave typographic warriors, we salute you.


Made some sugo di 'nduja with ziti. I've never had ziti before, I was blown away. The 'nduja vanished into the sauce and left no pork taste, way too subtle for me.

"A Frog He Would A-wooing Go" is a murder ballad

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highly recommend "A Frog he would A-wooing go" as a nursery rhymes. Take whatever verses you feel like memorizing from , for an example of a way to sing it check out . There are of 1800s phrases to keep your tired brain awake, and its super long and meandering so the kid gets less bored. The frog remembering to take his opera hat with him when he flees the violence is my favorite bit.

the low-tier gaming pc i just built isnt supported by windows 11. i predict that by the time i am thinking of upgrading again microsoft will have already caved and will just work on my current pc anyway.

i assume this is an attack by nation state actors because only a government employee could have misconfigured their blackberry this hard

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i just got an email from an email address where the user is my inlaw's phone number, and the to: is a mix of email and possibly sms email gateways for other peoples phones. theres no message or subject, just a . txt attachment.
easily the most cursed thing to ever touch my inbox, no contest.

letterboxd thinks my favorite movie writer is bram stoker, because he gets a credit in all the dracula movies. they aren't wrong!

in one video a sea otter at the oregon zoo learns to play basketball for physical therapy

in another video the harlem globetrotters play basketball with the sea otter

this is the equivalent of me buying an ergo keyboard so my wrists hurt less while checking my email, and then the harlem globetrotters dunk my entire desk

starting over in factorio without enemies because i am a tiny space factory baby

a friend just got a govt job, and was having trouble getting a security fob to work with their chromebook and the front line IT person was not helping and they finally got someone who actually knows how computer to help and im doing little fist pumps.

good evening ONLY to Linda who is single handedly keeping the entire govts laptops working as far as im concerned.


I had to pivot off halfway through because it wanted some weird instant pot bowl, but the same ingredients cooked on the stove are really nice.

I was looking around for a bowl that's the right size to use instead in the instant pot, but luckily my wife pointed out that I might be building a ceramic shrapnel bomb!

only you can prevent slant rhymes
report suspicious lines
perpetrators will be fined

it has been a day and the group text moved on and grandpa is just Not Telling Us About the Gravy Lump

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if i don't look up "wordle" it can't kidnap my family and force me to post square emojis on social media

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