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i've had ttrpg sessions like this, where there is a small group and >50% of the characters are So Wacky and then you struggle to even safely exit the tavern

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trying to catch up on One Piece after like a decade off. I left off in the middle of the Arabasta Arc.

is... is this just not a fun thing to watch? i just watched 5 episodes where they were mostly just struggling to walk in a straight line because everyone is Too Wacky to function outside of life or death struggles. the characters even talked about it a little in one episode, but then just kept yelling and getting lost in the desert.


in late feb i made a news list for doom scrolling minute-by-minute coverage of the upcoming nuclear apocalypse. since then, i've spent at least an hour a day reading defense wonks chattering about tank treads and plane debris.

i deleted that list yesterday. i feel about 3 inches taller.

walk without rhythm
paste without formatting

marathon happening in town this morning, went out to let the kid wave at all the people. we never did figure out what was chasing them, though we did see someone in a raptor costume

i can vote in US federal elections, and am regularly outfoxed by a toddler

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toddler says "baa" when they see both jeeps and sheep. we've been trying to figure out why for two weeks. it took one well-rested relative 5 seconds to make the connection that "jeeps" and "sheep" sound really similar.

"i have no idea how to render a 'poll' whatever that is, but when i sent this one to every server we're federating with, here's the angry replies that i CAN render"

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new activitystreams impl that automatically shares unknown post types until something angrily replies with a known post type

mistakes are like orphans: everybody has one

look at these green lil guys i found next to my trash can. they are enjoying the cool spring weather in the shade on the side of the house, and just generally doing their best.

i had a coworker once who just never filled out the periodic required self-evaluation forms. every 6 months when "perf" season struck, you could find them at their desk, serenely archiving unopened emails with subjects like "ACTION REQUIRED" and "LATE".

and... nothing bad ever happened. i eventually switched teams, but as far as i know they've gone decades without doing this "required" busywork.

my dad was asking for Star Wars book recs, and I remembered and had a good cackle

do Uruk-hai ever accidentally take a bath and wash off the rad white hand print? its like their big bosses hand so you can't just forge it, no?
imagining the constant queue of sheepish and suspiciously clean Super Goblins lined up outside Sauraman's office 24/7

this is probably the most foolish thing i have ever typed into a computer

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