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don't call me Surely, it's DOCTOR Your Joking to you

returning to the office tomorrow along with a couple hundred of my closest friends. feeling quite a bit of dread, even though the trial run a couple weeks ago went great.

the main thing i miss about Eve Online is all the spreadsheets and posting "o7" in chat all the time. i may not actually understand what fun is.

took a photo of the lunar eclipse. astrophotography is my passion

accidentally bought banana-flavored whiskey and didn't notice until i took a sip. wretched

"Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle" fixed the fiddly % chance to hit from "XCOM: Enemy Unknown" but added... Rabbids. "Warhammer 40,000: Chaos Gate - Daemonhunters" removes the Rabbids and replaced them with grimdark nerds. This is a definite step up, but my extrapolations indicate the perfect tactical game will have a name that is 20+ words long.

if you can't tell (and how could you tell?) I just watched Tremors: Shrieker Island

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packing my posts into a sawdust-filled wooden crate like it's old-timey dynamite. instead of nitroglycerin, the sweat is "extremely specific comments about some media i'm consuming that's not currently in the zeitgeist, without any context"

i had a cool idea for a silly car magnet, and was going to post it here, but then i thought "ryan, you are okay with being pretty bad at opsec, but are you okay with being 'show everyone a unique way to spot your car' bad at opsec?"

trying out a capillary-based watering system for my potted plants this year, heard about it from Bob Vila's blog.

proud of myself to not immediately going to putting a raspberry pi near to water and connecting my peppers to the internet.

dance like no one's watching. very few people are using this web site.

the secret ingredient in nvidia 3080s is baby formula, that's why one is suddenly back in stock just as the other vanishes

the real solution to the programmer productivity problems that electron solves is to just, as a planet, agree to write fewer programs. if there are only a couple programs left, programmers become over-abundant and we can optimize for other stuff.

and how much computer do we need, really? we've already got tetris and a few tip calculator apps, the rest of this just seems redundant.

please INSERT the next CD to continue the story

for newcomers to this website from the US: the "Eurovision" that everyone keeps talking about is the name of the creator of Mastodon, Eurovision Gagron.

having a toddler has SHREDDED my ability to handle media where bad things happen to tiny humans.

trying to have the TV on in the background while I write a little C++ today, I just keep striking out.

* next up on House MD, infant epidemic in the hospital
* next up on Peaky Blinders, a parent has to explain to a toddler that mommy is never coming back


i got an email from Ed Gainey asking for money, and realized he's been the mayor of Pittsburgh for 4 months and i haven't had a single reason to think about the mayor that whole time. i'm glad Fuckface McSmokeGrenades is gone, here's to never thinking about the mayor again.

nvidia deciding to stop being shitty about linux drivers is unreal. its been shitty my whole life, it's part of the firmament of things that are shitty.

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